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About Us
The SGDM story

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to companies and individuals ready to embark on creating, or looking to enhance their digital presence.


We have a clear understanding of the demands of business today, and the need to focus on the day-to-day operational functions that keep your business chugging along. Small businesses and individuals who have neither the time or budget to curate and maintain a representative digital presence need help, we provide that help.


SGDM are experienced with all facets of digital marketing; Social media campaigns, image curation to fit the business profile and brand needs, working with SEO and SEM and making sense of the related analytics, creating paid advertising campaigns and tinkering with them as the campaign progresses to fit the target audience, and website creation and e-commerce enablement. By working with SGDM you have a partner that will work closely with you to become a valued asset that drive sales and profit.


SGDM has evolved from a small social media content creation provider to a multi product, multi market business skilled in all areas of the digital marketing space. We are blessed to be still collaborating with many of our original clients, who along with an ever-growing number of new clients all enjoy the personalised service and attention to the little things that working with a boutique agency provides.


Our industry expertise is very diverse covering finance, natural health, domestic cleaning, the automobile industry, medical and diagnostics, travel & tourism, and consumer goods.


Let’s talk about the vision you have for your company and how an effective digital marketing strategy can assist in reaching your goals.

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